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Because we believe that every person is beautiful. Being beautiful does not mean that one needs to have a perfect shape, size or colour, but whatever we are- we can groom and enhance ourselves.

I remember….

I remember that the hair oil massage was a routine in my house for us siblings, famously known as Champi gossip times, where we would as a routine talk endlessly while getting the head massages done from our mother or grandmother.

Like my home, HAIR OIL MASSAGES has been an age – old tradition in all Indian households. As a child all of us must have experienced the head massages by our mothers and grandmothers.

My mother has this persona of very mild person, cocooned in her own world, but always a person to invent lot of new formulas to enhance the hair and skin quality. With her process of formulations and re-formulations, she could develop quite effective formulations for hair.

The disciplined routine of head massages in childhood certainly has given me very strong, thick and voluminous hair and a very healthy scalp.

Later, Busy times made me choose all kind of hair oils available in the market and marriage changed the hands of my mother to that of my own hands. Then came a phase where the head massages went from weekly to monthly to once in two months, and the hair health started deteriorating due to negligence and use of any oil for the hair.

Due to declining hair health, I again started practicing what my mother had taught me and started using her formulations, which improved my hair health drastically.

One of such formulation is the oil which she created and which I decided to take out of her kitchen to the world to share and give its goodness and benefits to all.

This oil is a process based patented formulation of all organic ingredients from the PURE cold pressed coconut oil to the hand-picked plant -based ingredients.

The benefits of the oil are many and that is why we call it a treatment as each of its ingredients has a certain medicinal property and gives your hair a new life.

The benefits like curing dandruff, hair Regrowth,  prevention of premature greying , good texture and volume to the hair and many other benefits can be observed with its regular use.

So, I proudly introduce this hair oil with a hope that it delivers great results to each and every person who uses it.

From my Mother’s Kitchen…Introducing Karma Terra Hair Treatment
- Manisha Shekhar Asthana

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